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Contrary to popular belief, not all WNBA players are gay. Even in writing about WNBA players coming out of the closet, the comment section is rife with comments like, “well like that’s news” or “well duh, and rain is wet.”

Well let’s talk a bit about Sophia Young, three-time All Star forward with the San Antonio Silver Stars, and heterosexual.

Last week, Young spoke out against an LGBT anti-discrimination bill in San Antonio. Young expressed her views via her Twitter account and needless to say, many of her followers and fellow WNBA athletes were shocked.

Although the WNBA supports a player’s right to freedom of speech, they’re not sharing her same views.

“Sophia has the right to express her point of view, however, I do not share her view,” WNBA President Laurel Richie said in a statement. “The WNBA supports diversity and we are committed to the equal and fair treatment of all people.”

Young also went on to express her religious views:

Although the WNBA is behind Young’s freedom of speech, other WNBA players aren’t supporting her views.  In a tweet directed at Young on August 29th, Seattle Storm star Lauren Jackson expressed shock over her colleague’s posts:


So there you have it folks, not everyone in the WNBA is gay or supportive of LGBTQ rights. So please, get rid of the notion that it’s all vagina bumping and kumbaya in the WNBA, because that’s mighty heteronormative of you.

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