patch dietBeing overweight can lead one’s mind to the depths of psychological depravity. Lots of folks report wanting to end their lives than rather going on as fat people, while some take on a battle to find their self-worth outside of the narrow parameters of pop fitness and health.

Given the lengths many folks have took to alter their image, when I heard that some new medical weight-loss test subjects were ok-ing a new procedure that tortured them whenever they put solid food in their mouth, I honestly couldn’t be surprised.

“I’m willing to do anything at this point,” patient Marlene Beltran said. “I’m so desperate to lose the weight.”

Beltran was one of two weight-loss subjects of an ABC News report detailing a new, seemingly radical procedure where a hard, plastic mesh patch was sewn onto their tongues that would inflict pain if they tried to eat any solid food.

Beltran’s goal wasn’t unlike any other lose-weight-quick program, where the dieter would lose a dramatic amount of weight for a month — which was how long the plastic torture chamber was on her naughty tongue.

According to the report, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Nikolas Chugay, of Long Beach, Calif., introduced the procedure in the U.S. four years ago after seeing it in Latin America.

Reporter Cecilia Vega asked the doctor if this procedure was healthy and received vacuous answer on should expect from a doctor of torture: “Well, it’s not unhealthy.”

Patients go on a strict, 800-calorie-per-day liquid diet of shakes and low-calorie beverages until the patch is removed after one month. The plan also involves a 45-minute daily workout.

The procedure costs two thousand dollars and takes around ten minutes to complete. Obviously, most patients lose weight after not eating for a month, but a myriad of studies show that crash dieters usually gain all the weight back.

tongue patch

Beltran, whose story was documented on 20/20, lost 18 pounds and claimed that the experience was “great.”

After the patch was removed, Dr. Chugay put the patients on a strict “boot camp” diet:

“It’s a strict diet, kind of plant-based diet that patients are placed on for another month. And then, I prepare them for the regular maintenance diet that they’ll stay on for the rest of their lives.”

Certified normalized craziness within the diet world where cash for pounds pays dividends for folks who have the resources to capitalize off of other folks guilt, lack of love, and demand for violent solutions for their perceived lack of obedience to some shitty illusion of happiness.

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  1. Wow…okay then. That isn’t even enough calories for anybody. The things people do…

  2. Whoa… 800 calories is not healthy whatsoever this sounds more like an eating disorder. When I participated in sports during high school I knew girls who had eating disorders who would only consume this amount of calories and in some cases intentionally hurt themselves such as their tongues just to prevent themselves from eating too much or at all. Scary.

  3. I personally think that this is unnecessary just for dieting. I made a review in my blog about these patches. for more dieting information.

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