squat challengeButts and breasts have been commodified for years. In other words, men and women have been selling ass and tits for years. I can vividly remember watching Wreckx-N-Effect’s video for their hit “Rump Shaker,” thinking to myself, “damn, I want to have fun on the beach while playing a saxophone with big, beautiful butt.” Misogyny aside, it was a vision molded and reinforced for the next fifteen years of my life; if I was to be desired, I need to only be willing to sexually uninhibited, emotionally unavailable, and, most importantly, have an ample apple bottom.

So there’s no wonder when I see memes suggesting that there are magical ways to obtain a glorious ass. Similar to your run-of-the mill pyramid scheme, the folks who have attained the mystifying results usually didn’t get where they are by the means they purport.

Enter the “squat challenge.” Most challenges last 30 days and are very simple in structure. The premise of most challenges is that if you do the prescribed workout for the stated amount of time, you’ll somehow sprout a round, supple ass out of your ironing board backside.

But squats just can’t and will never be the sole reason for a woman with a small butt to move towards “Buffie the Body” status. Above all, the primary muscles involved in a squat are your quadriceps. So unless you want to have some muscular thighs, lay off the squats in order to get a butt. Secondly, your butt is made up of three seperate gluteal muscles — the gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus — none of which are primary movers during squatting. Squats only really need the maximus as secondary muscles, along with adductor magnus, which runs along your hip.

What we see in those pictures of women with huge butts can be conjectured as only the results of either genetics or cosmetic surgery. Genetics play a key role in whether we have a large amount fat deposits in our rumps or end up with a 6 o’clock shape, straight up and straight down. On the other hand, butt implants and injections have risen steadily over the last few years, as procedures have become more natural looking.

There are a few exercises that target your butt, almost specifically. Donkey kicks, lunges, sprinting, and bridges all work your glutes better than squats. And even if you did all of those exercises, you’d only build muscle, which is definitely not what most women envision when their working out. More importantly, spot training doesn’t work. Folks love saying they just want to work their abs, or butt, and leave everything else the way it is, but honestly, that’s one of the easiest ways to lead yourself to an epic fail. Once you don’t see your desired results, more than likely, you’ll give up.

No one is saying skip the squats on leg day, but just be realistic about your approach, and don’t go chasing fitness waterfalls …

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