kimbella body by rosa acosta

Model Rosa Acosta has, arguably, one of the best bodies in cyberspace. She earns lots of respect from other butt models for what appears to be a real rump that stands at attention.

But the Dominican model works extra hard in the gym to have the lower body of my dreams. On Rosa Ascota’s self-titled website, she shares all her tips in the gym to achieve dimple-free glutes, quads, and hamstrings. From her favorite exercise, deadlifts, to her squat challenges, the 27-year-old beauty understands that gravity plus anatomy can work against even the most genetically gifted fitness mavens.

Capitalizing off her stunning looks and sculpted body, Rosa has now started diving into the fitness clothing industry with her Body by Rosa Acosta collection, a joint venture Cossa Mia.

Video model and former Love & Hip-Hop: New York cast memeber Kimbella posted a pic on Instagram in a Body by Rosa Acosta black one-piece body suit.

rosa acosta body by

This fits and hugs your frame and must only be for the uber-confident. I can’t imagine walking in the gym with this onesy on and not getting the attention this type of piece garners, good and bad!

It’s not for me, but I’m loving anyone who feels they can walk in her fitness magnificence with this piece hugged to her curves.

This piece is currently sold out on Cossa Mia’s website, so some fly girl — or guy — should be walking in your local gym with it on …

Would you rock this bodysuit?

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  1. They’ve already sold out on the site. There are always those types who join the gym to show off their bodies. So I guess this bodysuit is for those types. It looks cute, shows off the curves, and is pretty functional.

  2. The gym is to workout, not have a ratchet fashion show. Any serious cardio and those ta-tas would be flying out of that low cut top. Not to mention the suit looks like it rides up super bad and I dont need to be picking out camel toe or wedgies (you can even see a bit of camel toe in the pics and those ladies arent even working out).

    Looks like they belong in a music video rather than a gym. Give me a pair of nike pro-fit shorts and a lululemon bra tank any day. Pass.

  3. I definitely would wear/buy it along with many of her other clothing targeted to wear during exercise. You can tell its comfy too! Some may argue it’s provocative but I don’t see the difference with other tight fit clothing that young women wear to the gym nowadays.

  4. I need would need something with way more support in the cups, and i feel like this would give you an epic case of camel toe

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