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Ladies, Naomi Campbell is 43 YEARS OLD! How many 43-year-olds can do a backbend on the hood of a boat and not get throw their back out in the process!

Ok, maybe Jada Pinkett Smith or Nicole Murphy but hey, we will NEVER complain if Naomi wants to upload a pic, like this, wearing a suit like that, at WHATEVER age she is!

Seriously, we wish we had a notebook filled with her fitness secrets. It would be magic, and it would work for everyone who had it, and then they’d make a movie about it!

Lookin’ good (just as good as last year!), Naomi! Whatever you’re doing, KEEP IT UP!

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  1. This post seems to suggest that we should be shocked that a woman in her forties could be in good shape. She is not in good shape for 43 year-old, she is in great shape, period. I am a 41 year-old yoga teacher who can do backbends, arm balances and splits – and I regularly compete in 1/2 marathons. I know of a LOT of women in their late 30s and in their 40s who are in no danger of “throwing their backs out” because of physical activity. A high fitness level through your 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond should be the norm.

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