healthy date Dating can become monotonous. How many times have you had the same dinner and movie routine? Or how many times have you ended up at your local watering hole for a date?

Dating can also become a burden on your waistline when these activities are your usually go-to when it comes to date night.

Many times people in the “getting to know” stage of dating can end up putting on a few pounds if they’re not careful. It may not be as bad as the “freshman 15” that you gain your first year of college, but constantly choosing restaurants and bars as dating venues could lead to a couple of pounds.

There are other options when it comes to healthy dating and being active while on a date.

Grab a Bike
In cities like Washington, DC and New York City, public bike rentals are becoming increasingly popular. Grab your boo, your helmets, pack a light lunch and pick up a bike at any random corner and right until your heart’s content. Biking not only burns calories, but it can give you the opportunity to explore areas of your city that your car wouldn’t normally allow you to.

Strike a Yoga Pose
There are Yoga studios on just about every corner in major cities. Many times you can find Yoga deals on Groupon or Living Social. Plan a yoga outing as a date. Maybe even Bikram yoga, so you can burn even more calories while sweating in a hot studio. Who knows, all of that stretching and flexibility you gain may come in hand down the road?

Row, Row, Row Your Boat
For this activity, you may want to pack a lifejacket and make sure you and your date have some swimming skills. One of my favorite activities in college was the intramural rowing club, but a date on the water, doesn’t have to be competitive. A row boat can be fun and romantic, especially before a sunset, but it’s also a good way to burn calories and work on those arm muscles!

These are just a few date activities that involve fitness. For even more ideas, check out your local Groupon or Living Social site!

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