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After advertising their first workout DVD on the TheYBF for a while, celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins and Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland talked with the uber-popular gossip blog exclusively about their upcoming fitness DVD, as well as some calorie burning “secrets,” and who they think has Hollywood’s hottest abs!

Hoping to capitalize off sharing their love for fitness with their fervid fans for a second time, Kelly and Jeanette said that, in Sexy Abs Cardio Sculpt, they want to put together a “whole head-to-toe Kelly Rowland workout,” taking into account the numerous women who apparently want to have some body part that resembles Kelly’s:

Here is where you get it! The first workout, we just focused on the abs. Have you seen this girl at the Grammy’s, the Oscars? I’m getting blown up with “I want Kelly Rowland’s arms, I want Kelly Rowland’s legs, and I want Kelly Rowland’s booty.” Did you not see her pop up on the stage at the Superbowl like bionic woman? Okay so, bottom line, if we didn’t do it (the video) people would be coming after me.

When commenting on some of the ways folks can find alternative ways to burn calories, Jeanette wasn’t shy in suggesting that Kelly likes to have sex to get rid of a few unwanted calories. Other than sex, Kelly offered some great advice for the languid exerciser:

I mean it always helps. I also play the “wii” with friends. We’re pretty much diving into the TV making sure we have a good time.

Jeanette agreed with Kelly but she admitted that she is more of a social butterfly who finds opportunities to burn calories on the move:

I just like to turn up. If we’re going to a concert or club or dinner I’m going to burn calories everywhere. I’m pretty much ‘Jeanette turn up.’ I’m going to add energy and burn calories that’s the way I do. I just like to turn up!

If Jeanette and Kelly’s new DVD is anywhere as intense and fun as the last one, we should except to lose all the weight we want — and in enjoyable fashion … Turn up!

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