Did you ever want to go thru a “big chop” so that you could workout a little harder. Probably not, but, according to choreographer Chris Grant, Beyoncè’s recent Instagram “chop-seen-round-the-world” apparently has freed her to work even harder during practice and on stage.

In a candid interview with Hollywood Life, Grant, who was one of the mastermind’s behind Beyoncè’s Pespi commercial, revealed that he has witnessed Mrs. Carter workout harder now her hair is shorter:

“She can still move [her hair] and swing it,” Chris says. “And you can always make it fit with what you’re doing. She looks great with short hair and great with long hair. It doesn’t hurt her performance. It actually makes her perform even harder! So she has to move her head even harder to make it move and that’s what I love! She knows what she’s doing.”

There has been lots of conversations about black women’s hair and obesity. Myths continue to swirl about black women’s unwillingness to exercise on behalf of expensive hairdos. Although there is a pinch of truth to that excuse — for all women, not just black women — a majority of black women workout despite their hairstyle.

At last year’s Bronner Bros. hair expo, U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin approached the subject of hair and fitness by calling upon salons and their stylists to engage customers in casual conversations about exercise and nutrition.

“As the Surgeon General of the United States, my number one goal is to improve the health of the nation and I’m proud to join with First Lady Michelle Obama to attack this problem head-on. I know first hand the important role salons play in our African American culture.”

Beyoncè’s pixie cut seems to work for her while she finishes her international tour. What hairstyle works for you while achieving your fitness goals?

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