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Crossfit is all the rage after another successful Games last week. But Crossfit does have its share of controversy surrounding some of its loose trainer certification standards and its prevalence to push newbies to do very advanced exercises, such as Olympic lifts and box jumps.

On the last day of July, singer Elle Varner posted a video on her Instagram, which showed the talented songstress jumping on a table that’s apparently 24 inches off the ground. The person behind the camera referenced Crossfit lingo when she said “24’ box jump” although Varner was clearly jumping on a wobbly, wooden table.

The 24-year-old Cali-native jumped on what looked like termite-riddled table, which made me think this was a video about to show an epic fail. Fortunately, Elle had great spring and balance, but that move was an advanced move, one which Crossfit has been criticized for having novice trainees do on a regular basisnot to say Elle is in anyway associated or trained by Crossfit.

Conversely, actress Drew Sidora alerted her Instagram followers to her workout with her trainer in a local Hollywood gym. Sidora, 28, recently landed the role a Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins in the recently announced Vh1 bio-pic, Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The TLC Story.

drew sidora

Her trainer put the Chi-Town native through some core stability exercises while targeting what makes almost all women of color their money: their butt.

drew sidora

The former The Game cameo actress posted a picture of her getting deep into a Smith machine squat followed by Sidora putting in work on the leg press. Now that’s how a girl keeps her ass working against gravity and the ominous age of 30!


Meanwhile, across the country in Atlanta, Bambi from the Basketball Sidepieces Wives: Los Angeles was spotted on Instagram participating in what seemed like a private lesson from the wildly popular mother-daughter fitness mavens, Vitamin Ellen and Lana Ector.

Bambi and her friends were getting their cardio in while protecting their expensive, full length weaves, which blows away the myth that black women can’t or are unwilling to do both. Bambi decided to celebrate her friend’s birthday by having what is referred to as a “body party,” which can help raise your heart rate before you take a shower and a nap, and then hit the club!

Vitamin Ellen and Lana Ector are the co-creators of Black Girls Workout, TOO!, a fitness DVD aimed at women who want to have an in-home workout that focuses on their glutes, hamstrings, quads, and midsection.

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