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Dr. David Matlock knows a thing or two about creating the perfect body. A world-renowned surgeon, Dr. Matlock is best known for his vaginal rejuvenation and Hi-Def liposuction procedures. While he has worked on some of the biggest names in the business, Dr. Matlock isn’t afraid to take his own advice.

The acclaimed surgeon, who also appeared on the TV show Dr. 90210, recently sat down with British-based Barcroft Media to explain how he’s used his skills to transform both he and his wife into lean, mean, fitness machines.

When he first met his wife Veronica, she was a patient seeking a vaginoplasty. But during their appointment, Dr. Matlock made her an offer she couldn’t refuse: a “Wonder Woman makeover.”

The offer included liposuction of the arms, thighs, and chin; a “Brazilian” butt augmentation; and a date with the good doctor. She said yes.

These days, the couple is married and adheres to strict eating and fitness plans. Although Veronica says her husband loves her for who she is instead of how she looks, he regularly suggests she undergo additional procedures to keep up her appearance.

She isn’t the only one, however, Dr. Matlock has also been under the knife. He’s had state-of-the-art fat implants installed in his biceps, triceps, calves, and chest to sculpt the “perfect” body.

He explained, “I just wanted to take my body to a point where exercise and diet just really couldn’t get it there.”

Despite being champions (and frequent users) of body augmentation, the couple’s 9-year-old daughter says she’d never consider plastic surgery.

“I would never really want to get surgery because it’s not really you,” she explained. “I want to be myself.”

While most would find this couple’s obsession with their looks to be over-the-top, they feel their body image is healthy.

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