I once had a coworker that survived on only coffee during the day. A day didn’t go by when she didn’t have at least 6 cups before she left work. This coworker said she couldn’t function properly without it, and was pretty much addicted to it. She tried to wean herself off by drinking decaffeinated, but that didn’t last long. Then she tried to substitute tea for coffee and of course that didn’t work either.

Although coffee is considered a “superfood” that is filled with antioxidants that fight disease, excess caffeine consumption could hurt your health and keep you from being your most effective.

“In the right amount, coffee is actually a health food,” Dawn Jackson Blatner R.D., author of “The Flexitarian Diet,” tells Huffington Post.

“Sixteen ounces of coffee before noon not only can keep you alert, but also can prevent diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s.”

Drinking too much caffeine can make you jittery, give you horrible sleep quality and lead to anxiety. But there are alternatives.

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