While it is most Black women’s desire to be a “big booty Judy,” everyone was not born with this coveted ASSet! The over abundance of scantily clad video girls, reality star chics, and celebrities who grace the airwaves, blogs, and magazines with their perfectly supple backsides on display can bring out latent insecurities in the most confident of women.

There are a slew of cosmetic surgery options to cure having a lacking posterior — like injections and silicone — but for those among us who don’t have 10k to drop on a perfectly portioned fat ass, this is not an option. And then there is the much cheaper remedy of investing in a butt pad, but at some point you have to take your clothes off and deal with your un-noteworthy derriere.

But alas, nothing is more fulfilling than acquiring those coveted cakes the good old fashion way — SQUATS and LUNGES! Yes ladies, these twinsies should become your best friends for life. Tried and true, these exercises that target the glutes have the ability to transform your ass into a rotund backside that is coveted by the baddest of strippers when done consistently and effectively.

Proper form is the key when performing this exercise. So follow these directions very carefully, as not to hurt yourself and to receive targeted results.

How to Perform a Squat:

1. Stick your chest out, put your shoulders back and have your head facing forward. This will ensure proper spine alignment.

2. Stand with your feet firmly planted on the ground, toes pointed outwards slightly, and knees slightly bent.

3. Now lower yourself as if you are about to sit in a chair. Remember to breathe in as you are lowering yourself, and out as out as you are pushing up.

You can jumpstart this exercise by increasing the depth of your squat and adding weights. At the beginning stages of your exercise regime, it is best to simply begin with 2-3 repetitions of the squats 2X’s per day.

How to Perform a Squat:

1. Stand with your feet together and pull you your shoulders toward your hips. Be sure that you engage your core muscles for maximum effect.

2. Step your right foot about three feet in front of your body. Now bend your right knee and drop it towards the ground.,

3. Using the muscles in your legs and backside, lift your body up back to your initial position. Perform this same maneuver, but this time with your left side.

You can do at least 10 repetitions 2-3 times 2X’s per day. The lunge can also be performed with weights.

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