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Sanya Richards-Ross covers the August issue of Women’s Running. The reigning 400-meter Olympic gold medalist revealed what her plans are on track and promoted her new reality show on WE TV, Sanya’s Glam & Gold.

According to TheYBF, the Jamaican-native disclosed that she wears makeup while on the track, but Sanya avowed that she doesn’t try to hide behind the makeup:

“I don’t have a full face on, but I wear my eyeliner, some mascara, a light shadow and lip gloss.”

sanya richards-ross

Marrying NFL conerback Aaron Ross in 2010, Sanya conceded that she’s not as fast of a straight-line sprinter as her husband, but she would dust him when it comes to her specialty, the 400-meter dash.

Sanya also admitted that she has weekend cheat days, indulging in Skittles and cheese pizza. But those days don’t derail 5-time Olympic medalist from her goal of defending her gold in Rio De Janeiro in 2016. The University of Texas legend asserted that she keeps her speed and strength with intense but fairly east-to-do abs exercises:

“Add 100 to 200 repeti­tions of abdominal and lower back exercises to your workout. That may sound like a lot, but just a few sets of 10 will get you there in no time!”

sanya richards

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