marsha ambrosiusWhy does ass mean so much to black and brown women? I’m not sure why I’d rather have a perfect-ish bottom than a fit and trim body, but maybe the more I exercise and see the tangible benefits to my health and self-image, I’ll finally give up this seemingly wanton fantasy. Seriously, why else to do I want a booty when I really ponder it: to attract men and upstage women who don’t look as hot as I will in my jeans. Stupid, I know, but I’m not the only one who thinks like this.

In a recent interview with Necole Bitchie at the 2013 BET Awards, soul singer Marsha Ambrosius disclosed that she felt the pressure to have a larger booty although she said that she didn’t conform to what she claimed is now an industry standard for black women:

On If She Feels Pressured to Look a Certain Way

No. And guess why? That wasn’t why I did this thing. I didn’t get into the industry because I looked a certain way. No butt implants. My butt’s still flat. Came in with flat. Started from no bottom, and now it’s still here. K?

With that said, I kind of just make the music. It’s been about the music for me. No pressure to conform to a certain standard.

I can understand her sentiments, totally. Again, I’m not completely sure what motivates me to want a larger rump, but I definitely feel like I’m being coerced by a myriad of forces to do whatever it takes to get a bigger bum.

Tell me what you think? Do you feel any pressure to have a bigger butt? Where do think the pressure comes from? And are you bending to the stress?

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  1. It will stop being an obsession when black men stop exploiting it for monetary gain.

  2. Her attitude sucked, she was way too defensive and aggressive

  3. Of course she doesn’t feel any pressure- she is a curvy woman. Skinny women get their asses or lack there of insulted all the time and told they aren’t ‘real women’ because they don’t have curves.

  4. I don’t think men are the only one’s to blame over this “BIGGER BOOTY DEBACLE”. Sure men use video vixens in their videos because that’s what sells! But who poses? WOMEN! Some women allow themselves to be seen as sexual objects but also complain when they are seen as sexual objects. If we want to change the world we must first start with ourselves and that means making sure we aren’t the ones seeing ourselves as sexual objects. A lot of the times, the problem is women assume men want us to look a certain way when what they really like is confidence looks matter too but confidence is key!

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