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So far, Kelly Price has positioned herself as the fire starter on TVOne’s most popular franchise R&B Divas. It seems to have worked to her benefit as her auspiciously acrimonious attitude and brazen confidence created enough buzz for producers to believe an audience will want to she her act in a scripted series, yet to be officially announced.

Additionally, according The Jasmine Brand, the voice behind Bad Boy’s 1990s signature sound will apparently get an opportunity to help overweight women who have dreams of not being a career backup singer on a new reality show Too Fat for Fame.

Despite the success of Jill Scott, Adele, and Missy Elliot, Price said that there are still not enough opportunities for talented obese women to showcase their vocal abilities outside of the gospel circuit — and not to mention, the lack of diverse characters in Hollywood:


For me to have a story of one who was nearly denied a successful career because I was too big … it’s time for me to pay it forward.  Being an overweight girl, I am a worker. I’ve worked for everything it is that I have. So if there is anyone out there who is serious about having a career as a singer, as a model, as a dancer, as an actor, as an actress, as a personality in this industry … if they’re willing to work for it and they’ve had doors closed because they’re overweight, then this is the opportunity for them to have an opportunity.

I wonder what kind of messages will disseminate from such a show. Price seems to embrace her size without apologizes, but I’m curious to see if this will be another fat acceptance program or a show that helps foster reality by allowing a space for overweight women to love themselves while understanding how important it is to always strive towards maintaining a healthy weight.

What do you think about Kelly’s new reality show, Too Fat For Fame?

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  1. Great concept but I hope it’s NO fighting. I get that drama sells but the vitriol on most black reality show is nasty and defeats the purpose of showing positive role models

  2. Yes. I hope there is no buffoonery.

  3. Is it just for women?

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